director / edit: Torsten Königs

cinematography: Torsten Königs, PiN2011, Uli Wenzel, Norma Mudra, Erick W.

music: Knut Knutson, Hans Hackenberger

53 min / 4:3 / engl. subtitles

the streetArtist PiN2011 takes us to the streets of Berlin where his work comes alive.


koenigsklub ist ein Projekt von

Bea Königs  1985/2000 - 2009


Postfach 12 09 26

D-10599 Berlin

Telefon 030-327 654 15

Telefax 030-327 654 14


Steuernummer 13/390/62329

Berlin Charlottenburg

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PiN2011 is the tag - the term used for the pen name that graffiti artists use to sign their work - of an ingenious and misunderstood German artist, who is incessantly followed by the documentary but manages to conceal his face right to the bitter end. A sort of street art outlaw, able to dream up three-dimensional graffiti and paint it on city walls even as far as Portugal. A captivating, intense tailing that continually questions the sense of making art against a system that excludes and destroys: the diary of an isolated, clandestine creator menaced by a sense of threat and fatality. The unexpected tragic ending transforms his life into an alarming message.

International Rome Film Festival - EXTRA Competition 2009

world premiere: Rome, 21.10.09, 22.30 h

germany premiere: Berlin, April 2010


Katalog von AG DOK 2010

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